Military Medals

Third Reich German Anti-partisan War Badges Reproductions

blog1Collectors have long sought after this badge, with the first reproductions appearing on the marketplace in 1945 by the firm of Souval. The badges constructed from zinc are good examples for collectors and have a historical value of their own. Used as trade items, they helped support the people`s of Austria & Germany to trade items for soap, chocolate and petrol with hungry souvenier hunters from the US, England and the USSR. This trade is what really spawned the reproduction markets of today.

Shown below is a copy of one of Souvals early 1945-46 copies of the Anti-Partisan badge. Notice the award is the solid type, and with the post war style of hook. Beware, these badges have had new hooks attached, so extra care is needed when purchasing a “repaired example” of this rare award.

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