Military Medals

How to Buy War Medals Online from Dealers

What is a war medal? A war medal was given normally for a campaign or for an entire war. Normally one thinks of WWI medals being Pig, Squeak and Wilfred as they are affectionately known, as the first war medals to be issued en masse. This is not true, the first major war medal was actually the Waterloo medal, which was the first to be given to all participants in the great battle that ensued.cs691

Most British army medals are named to the individual, either to the rim of the medal or to the reverse if it is plain. The exceptions to this are the WWII stars, war and defence medal. These were not officially named by the British government, although Boots the well known chemist, offered to engrave any WWII medal free of charge for the recipients.

As stated earlier, war medals can cover a huge time span, so you can pick and choose your campaigns or war and with British campaign medals, these can normally be researched, using the name, rank and serial number as well as unit as your guide. German awards are more difficult as they when awarded, came with a citation, which was the important thing to a German soldier more than the award. One of the top websites selling original wartime British and German war medals, decorations and badges is They have a wide variety of different kinds of war medals which you can browse through. One of the main features of this website is their guarantee, where they offer a 30 day money back guarantee if not happy with your purchase for any reason. This gives the buyer time to research and be completely with what they are purchasing, a must in this collecting field.


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