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Original Wartime Medals and Badges for sale

Medals have always been an outward sign of bravery and valour and thus they remain ever popular to both the collectors and investors worldwide.

With most Countries to choose from around the World, British and German medals are the most sought after. If you are someone sourcing these medals, then please visit This site is one of the best places where you can find available a wide range of both German and British war medals for sale, along with many other medals and badges from around the World. One Country, gaining fast popularity in this field, is Finland. There are a wide variety of awards, badges and medals which are both attractive and well designed. With Finland’s colorful past history, there are many unusual and interesting stories related to these awards. For example, the Badge of the American Legion, formed from American Volunteers who helped Finland fight against the Russians from 1939-1940, along with the Danish Volunteer Cross for Danish volunteers who also served against the Russians. Whereas a year later, several of these Danish volunteers were again fighting against the Russians with Germany, but the Americans were fighting against Germany and Finland, their former allies and comrades in arms!


Also, on the site, there is a good selection of rings, watches, books, and bravery decorations.
Third Reich Medals is a non political firm dealing in all kinds of historical items. They are recognised as one of the UK’s top dealers in German and British medals, badges and awards.  Popularity of family and social history has fuelled the market, with people’s love of history and romanticism of the past. Medals appear to give people a key into this.

The company Jamie Cross Collectable provides the services soliciting wants list also, i.e. if you have a particular medal you are searching for, you can leave your details with them and they will look for same on behalf of you. Once sourced, the company will contact you and you will have first refusal, if you still require this item. Please note, there is no obligation for buy.

There is a mailing list you can join at so that you can get regular updates of the new listings and if an item catches your eye, you are ahead of the game, i.e. you get to see items before they reach What’s New page on the site.

Other items the site boasts are useful articles, to help the collector research and understand the military structures of the awards and decorations used. There are useful hints and tips on how to avoid reproductions creeping in to your collection. There are also picture galleries to help you identify unusual items and even ribbon bar charts to identify missing ribbons from awards. is a site not to miss.


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