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Thirdreichmedals.Com Have a Good Range of British Military Medals For Sale


British military medals are becoming exceedingly popular with collectors, as the WWI ones can be researched releasing a story of courage. Many millions of these First World War awards were issued and therefore reading the man’s name and unit will release a story into the past. These medals were earned by wartime heroes who were ordinary men and are beyond the value they command for the huge amount of suffering these soldiers went through for the supposed war to end all wars. This company aims to offer the collector a choice of medals, badges and decorations from around the World with British and German items being a specialty. They also buy back from collectors or even buy in items medals and badges that they like. All items are all guaranteed 100% original to the time period. deal in British campaign medals, war medals, bravery decorations and the periphery that goes with it. On their site, you can find anything from a medal for the modest cost of £5 up to several thousand pounds. Also included are papers, books, pieces of pottery and other interesting and curious items, all related to military or social history from the 1800’s through to 2000. Many collectors, who purchase medals, love to explore or research and they offer a range of services to help. Free advice is gladly given on storage, cleaning, and displaying.


With the ever increasing market, medals appear to be popular investments by both ordinary collectors and by former financial institutions that a few years ago, purchased large quantities of British war medals squeezing the market and increasing the prices, Also, boosting pension funds. also solicits Wants lists. You are under no obligation to buy the item, but they will actively search items out for you and you will have first refusal.

There is a mailing list you can join. This updates you on site news and informs you when the site has been updated and there are some new items to look at.

Some of customers over the years have been well known book publishers, historians, military museums, through to schools, colleges and universities and they pride their selves on their customer service, commitment to the hobby and awards for outstanding and environmentally friendly packaging – which also saves money for the customer- using major postal carriers. You can be assured that all contact and orders are treated with the utmost confidentiality. looks forward to serving you in the near future.


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