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An Overview on German and British War Medals


Once one’s occupation as an antiques dealer comes out in conversation, the next most likely question asked is “What do you specialise in?” In my case, the answer is coin, medal and watch dealer.


This normally follows with “What’s the oldest item you have had”? The next obvious one is “Have you ever had a Victoria Cross, or a Knights cross”? As far as I am concerned, to answer all three;-

  1. Some ancient coins,
  2. No I have never owned a Victoria Cross, and
  3. Yes, I have owned a Knights Cross.

Further questions usually follow, such as whether you know the owner, what he was like, what’s it worth etc, all good questions, but most focus on the values.

Then thoughts turn to, what’s your favourite item, why and so on.

With all of the above in mind, I thought I would showcase some nice items, not necessarily just rare but interesting, over the next few months,

antiquedealerfinTo begin with though, is a very rare award, it’s a badge that was given during the time of great turmoil at the beginning of World War Two. To look at the badge you perhaps wouldn’t initially appreciate the rareity of the piece. It is an award that was given to American Volunteers, who served in Finland in 1939-1940, who fought against Russia in the winter war, after Russia invaded Finland.

What makes this item so interesting is that one year later, Finland was again fighting with Russia but on Germany’s side.  (One of England Volunteers was the well known actor Christopher Lee, who also served in Finland, and received a Finnish British War Medal with Bar, which they could for a time wear on their tunic). So a few years later, these servicemen could be fighting with their USSR allies against the Finnish/Germany.  It is also stated by some that a few soldiers stayed on in Finland to train and learn arctic warfare and may well have been involved with Finnish units attacks on the Russians in 1941-1944. Finland was and is a unique country and this is one of those rare items that just go to show this. For more information visit Jamie Cross Collectibles.


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