Military Medals

Best Tips for Getting Best German War Medals

If you want to collect the best and rarest German war medals, then you got to consider a lot of valuable aspects.


Major considerations for collecting War medals of Germany

  • One specific period or era needs to be focused so that you can collect all the valuable German war medals of that same age. You can make a thorough research on the war medals of that particular age so that you can make a huge collection of war medals that have got higher important in Germany during that era.
  • The medals are usually created in a personalized manner and you will get different kinds of details out there like service number, regimen, rank, soldier’s name and others. You must check out that whether the medals have got all the necessary details engraved on the surface or not.
  • If you are intending to collect duplicate ones rather than the original ones, then any fake details can be found over the surfaces of the medals. The fake medals will never be treated as collectibles rather they are collected just for fun. These kinds of medals are only being collected by kids for self-enjoyment.
  • The best sources need to be searched is Google. Online surfing can be quite helpful in this regard but you can take references from your friends as well. Some of the potential sources from where you can get these medals are antique fairs, antique sales, antique stores, fairs of medal collectors, auction places and other related ones.

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